Mary Brooking
Maine artist

Evanescence, 30x30" SOLD
Top of the Tide, 40X30" SOLD
Three on the Hook, 30x40 SOLD
South Park, Galway, 36x36"
Otaraia Contours, 36x36" SOLD
Fortress, 24x30
Sapphire, 12x12"
Orange, Purple, Gray, 30x40 SOLD
Yellow Treeline, 20x20
Power and Light, 24x36"
Fishtail, 12x12" SOLD
Departure, 36x36"
Clacketing Reeds, 30x40" SOLD
Scudder, 24x24"
Strand of Gems, 24x30" SOLD
Cloudspangle, 24x24" SOLD
Bigelow Vista, 24x24" SOLD
Wounded Gull, 12x12" SOLD
New Light, 30x24" SOLD
Sweet Little Highway, 4x4" SOLD
Unlatched, 12x12" SOLD
Every Morning A Revolution, 12x12" SOLD
Let Them Fall, 36x36" SOLD
Good Neighbors, 12x12" SOLD
Winter Sunrise, 20x16"
Pierced Cloud, 30x30"
Bearing Down 12x12"
Summer Tumbles By, 30x30" SOLD
Forest Dance, 20x20 SOLD
Red, 20x20"
Beach Day, 12x12" SOLD
Biscuit Cloud, 9x9"
Headland, 6x6" SOLD
Again for the First Time, 12x12"
Sea Smoke, 30x30" SOLD
Island View II 12x18" SOLD
Clearly Something Happened Here, 24x24" SOLD
Alight, 12x12" SOLD
A Squeal of Grackles, 20x20" SOLD
Color Drift, 30x30" SOLD
Your Home in the Fingerprint Islands, 20x20" SOLD
Pine Cone's View, 12x12" SOLD
Reflected Glory, 20x20" SOLD
Red Treeline, 24x24" SOLD
Sometimes the Sun Shines on You. 20x20"
The Sun Shines in Winter, 24x30" SOLD
Winter Beach Walk, 10x10" SOLD
Buried Treasure, 30x24", SOLD
Snow Light, 30x30" SOLD
Guarded Secrets, 24x24"
Light For Darkness, 12x16"
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that listen to Philip Glass...
With occasional exceptions, my more recent paintings tend to deconstruct the landscape into more or less abstract fields of contrasting colors and textures.  I love testing the boundary between representation and abstraction. 

Philip Glass is a minimalist composer whose music I often listen to while painting. My visual muses include Mark Rothko and Wolf Kahn.

Please click the contact button above to ask, "Hey Mary - do you have any paintings of purple hills?" Or "What happened to the one with the red cloud?" And I will happily see what I can find in my studio.
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